Hmmm...: Recycled PET-G
Hmmm...: Recycled PET-G

Hmmm...: Recycled PET-G

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If you need a 3kg spool, please send us an email to

Hmmm... a killer deal if you don't mind deficiencies in the filament strand.  There's variations outside of +/- .05 (but barely so) OR it could be that the diameter is fine, but the filament broke during the extrusion process, so we wound a second filament onto the spool.  Available colors run the rainbow.  We'll send you a random spool and for $19.98, we think you're getting a GREAT deal.  Hope you feel the same!

Customer Reviews

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Jac Camara
Wow, amazing filament.

Gorgeous colors, I just love it. Prints easily, finish is amazing. Ice Blue is incredible

Michael Bretz
Nice but Tricky

The material properties one printed are really nice. Has some Flex to it and feels way less brittle than PLA and quite a bit Stronger.
No Doubt this Stuff is better then PLA.
Delivery was Quick, including a nice personal note. Support chat was available too.

Reason i am not giving 5 Stars is I cant find settings that work.
I Printed and tried a few different settings every day since i got it. At least 10 but probably more test prints. I use a Snapmaker 2.0 that does not have PET-G settings preset.
I started with recommended temps from this Website but that got me no where. Way too hot. Spiderwebs everywhere and no layer adhesion at all. I am back down now at almost PLA settings just with a Slightly warmer build plate and prints are strong now but still not pretty... Its driving me nuts, I see the potential but cant get it to work properly.

P.S. I run the filament out of a dryer box ;)

josh malloy
Great product

Great product


Primo color without the primo price. I’m still using the first spool. Had some tangle issues after the first strand ran out but other than that it’s great. Diameter is 1.68-1.78 which hasn’t caused any issues.