Aqua: Recycled PET-G
Aqua: Recycled PET-G
Aqua represents Mother Nature's most beautiful scenery.  This one picture off the coast of Barbados when Mrs. GreenGate and I were blessed enough to travel to those warm sands back in January 2017.
Aqua: Recycled PET-G

Aqua: Recycled PET-G

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If you need a 3kg spool, please send us an email to

100% Recycled PET-G!

  • 1.75 mm +/- .05 mm
  • 2.2 net pounds (a full 1 Kg net)
  • Print Temperature: 205°C - 250°C
  • Bed Temperature: 80°C
  • FULLY Recycled
  • Environmentally Conscious
  • Odorless
  • Generous Flexibility
  • Unmatched Layer Adhesion
  • NEVER Subject to Tariffs, because it's made HERE in America!

GreenGate3D: Recycling The World's Plastics, One Filament At A Time.

View MSDS here

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Timothy Kelsch
Very good

I decided after my first two rolls that greengate would be the brand I use to print with petg. It’s really predictable and easy to dial in. I think I had about 3 “test” prints in before I had it dialed and the settings have transferred across there filaments. I’ve had a little issue with the sandman tan with some clogging of .4mm and smaller nozzles, but I usually just print that with my .8mm nozzle anyway. Just ordered some black and the transition spool.

Great Filament

Awesome light blue. Prints great and very consistent, like everything from GreenGate!

Isaac Bradford
Great! Business Product Worthy

I am starting up a business (Filtraponics) and using this filament for every print. I use a Prusa mk3 printer and together its a great combination. Not to mention, I am a beginner and GreenGate3D makes it incredibly easy. Thanks so much for supplying a recycled option for us!

Going to buy some more colors soon!

Thanks again!