♻️ Summer Newsletter, 2021

Recycling the World's Plastics, One Filament at a Time.

Building relationships is REALLY the most fun we have at GreenGate3D.  Yeah, its cool making filament from scrap plastics, but getting to know a WORLD of new friend is really what keeps us going.  Seeing what people do with our stuff is mind-melting… there’s NO WAY ANY OF US could dream up what happens with it… but actually talking IN PERSON with you make this reality worthwhile.  So THANK YOU MRRF2021 for an AWESOME Show!
And YES, that rainbow happened!

Having the opportunity to exchange stories with @SliceEngineer, @3DGloop, @DB3D_Dan, @thezolon, @MakersOnTap, @tripodsgarage, @ChuckHellebuyck, @_Tinkerz, @greghuber, @TH3DStudio, @fulament, @TheLightSpeedz and so many more made it fantastic!  Special Thanks go to @TheEdgeofTeck, his compadre @cdfairres, and @jwcproductions & Oly @MidwestRRfest went above and beyond! You guys made us feel SO welcome!!!

With 25 different colors of PETG, you’d think we’d sit comfortably.  Nah.
#26 was a biggie.  Not on size… not on diameter… but on attributes.
We’ve been asked, “Can you guys make a matte PETG?  One that isn’t so shiny?”  We know its tough; PETG likes to be bold and reflective and bright, so pushing against the grain wouldn’t be easy… but it’s a challenge that was worth undertaking, so we did it.  Please allow us to offer you Black Matte!  You can get it in 1.75 and 2.85.  You can get it in 1kg spools and if the demand is there, we’ll make it in 3kg spools too.  Want custom?  Just ask!

#27 is still a work in progress.  Jurassic Amber, a translucent golden-toned filament, is under construction as we speak.  Should be released before Summer’s end.  Looks really nice, but needs jusssssst a bit more red.  We’ll get there, though!
#28 makes us VERY, VERY proud.  Just like we’ve partnered with some of the industry’s finest modelers, we’re collaborating with a designer who’s brings creativity and empathic design to software products and has traveled and worked with people from over 25 different countries. I can’t tell you who it is, but I can assure you, this filament will be Mahhhhhbleous… and dare we say “rock solid”…
Wait… did you just say “2.85” a minute ago?  The gauge used by Ultimaker, LulzBot, and a few others?  Well, we’re making it now.  Just a handful of colors, and of course, in GreenGate3D style, more as requests come in.

Speaking of custom… if you want your company’s color, email customerservice@greengate3d.com We’ll make it work for you.

We’ve been talking about a flexible line of recycled TPU for a long, LONG time.  Its been more than difficult to make because the diameter just won’t stay constant.  With PETG, we’re using a scrap stream that’s conducive to extrusion, but our scrap TPU just won’t play nicely as filament, so we’re gently blending it with virgin.  Looks like 65/35 scrap/virgin, at the moment, and the diameters are holding.  If you’d like a 200 g sample, please send an email to customerservice@greengate3d.com and we’ll get you out some when our next batch is complete.  It’ll be a 90 on the Shore A scale.  Please check out this video from Grand TPU Master David Z for a sneak peak!

Many of you know we have a long history in recycling and also selling plastics. About 15 years ago, Rich exported two full containers (80,000 lbs) of clear PVB trim scrap to South Korea for reprocessing. For those of you unfamiliar with PVB, it’s the secret ingredient of what keeps glass windows from shattering upon impact. See how much you learn when you follow GreenGate3D 😁, Anyway, for all those years Rich kept in touch with his buyer, Arnout Kok, a race car driver. Just a few weeks ago, Arnie sent Rich an email saying he’ll be in Watkins Glen running in the ARCA Menards Series. That set off a chain of events leading to this picture… Arnie, Barbara and Rich with GreenGate3D sponsoring the #10 car driven by Arnie. Look at the top of the door frame! SUCH a cool time, indeed!!!

This month’s Maker Spotlight is on Chris Faye, an intellectual property attorney from California.  Chris is a long-time customer of GreenGate3D’s, and his 50 lb tessellated geodesic sphere is a sight to see!
Months of printer modifications and tuning, as well as prototyping and engineering went into this labor of love, and the outcome is outstanding!  Chris used E3D’s Volcano hotend and an 0.8 inch nozzle to move GreenGate3D’s American White PETG, thru multiple Ender 3’s.

He created a total of 192 pieces, each weighing approximately 100 grams, individually printed in vase mode and then held together with printed dovetails.  A total of 12 panels were printed, and when all are tied together, this gorgeous polyhedron will be 6 feet cubed! Impressively, each piece is lit by an RGB LED panel.  Please check out the video from the prototype. 

As you can see by the pictures, his extraordinary artwork isn’t quite finished, but when complete, Chris will be displaying his work of genius at Burning Man 2022… and we can’t wait to see it there!  Thank you for choosing our materials for your spectacular sculpture!

Show your GreenGate3D pride wearing our oh so comfy t-shirt.  On sale for $10 plus a flat $5 shipping, while supplies last.  We stock sizes S-3X for the smallest of makers to those with the largest build plate 😁

GreenGate3D is continuing to expand its distribution channels. A wink and a
nod to Charlie in Australia (thank you Peter) and Sheldon in America (thank you Anna
and Gordon). More conversations to come, but things are promising!!! We’re looking to grow into South America, South Africa and Europe, so friends, stay in touch!

A reminder to you all for our 250th Lottery Give Away!

A SINCERE thank you ALL for your wonderful and honest reviews.  We’re proud to say we’ve not culled a single one!!!  What you see is what we got.
For reviews #102 to #250, we’ll be giving away 6 spools and 3 shirts.  The winners will be drawn by Jim on the EdgeOfTech live using his random wheel.  We’ll send everyone the link and post it to social media, so you can tune in!

But wait!  There’s more!
We’d love more pictures of models printed with our filament, so if you send a photo in with your review (or separately to customerservice@greengate3d.comwe’ll add another entry of yours into the randomizer, giving you additional chances to win!  So, send in those reviews and those pictures and WIN those GreenGate3D spools and shirts!!!

Billie Ruben Makes in action! A wonderful group of GreenGate3D enthusiasts: Joe Spanier (@JoeSpanierMakes on Twitter) who designed The Milk Cr8, his newest DIY CNC Machine, talks with Jim Edgeworth (@TheEdgeofTeck on Twitter)

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