Ella's Science Project

Ella working on her science project3D prints with the name of Ella written in them3D prints holding different weights showcasing the resistance of the materialsElla winning the Science fairElla testing the 3D prints resistance to heat inside the oven3D bended prints


Good evening,

We were so thrilled to find your site! My 5th grade daughter is so excited to do a science fair project with recycling and 3D printing. We've spent quite a bit of time trying to find a source for recycled filament. They've either been out of the country, which seems wasteful in the shipping energy, or they've fallen through after ordering (we just got another "your're order has been refunded" email today).
We'd love to know more about your process, and if possible, get a discount on some filament.
We do plan on doing several experiments against normal PETG. We'll be printing some brackets to do strength testing at standard temperatures as well as elevated temps. We're planning on building a stand that we can put in the oven, but several brackets on with light weight, and then seeing the deflection / failure at different temperatures.
We'll ensure that we'll only speak very highly of your brand regardless of the results, as you're the ONLY place we've been able to find recycled PET in North America.
We'd love to know if you're using "normal post-consumer" PET... Can we send you scrap PET bottles?
Anyway, thank you so much for providing eco-friendly 3D printing material.
Scott (Dad) and Ella (5th grader)

Good morning Mr.Silberfeld,
Thank you so much for your support in my science fair project. Even while 3D printing is fun, the project that I just completed reminded me that when a print doesn’t go correctly it is very hard to recycle that plastic. With your company you are opening up a new path for 3D printers in America that is much more environmentally friendly.  
I thought you would enjoy knowing that my science fair project got 2nd place out of 160 projects at my school, Sope Creek Elementary! In this upcoming Saturday, February 8th, I will be attending the regional science fair where I will display my trifold as well as have a conversation about my project with the judges. 
I am very excited to raise awareness about the environmentally friendly filament at the upcoming science fair. Having people realize that developing new tech is amazing but with that new tech comes the responsibility of keeping the wellness of the environment in mind. 
I appreciate you taking the time to read this email. 
Thank you so much,
Ella Siegel (5th grader)

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