Holiday Greetings from GreenGate3D!

Holiday Greetings from GreenGate3D!

Here’s a little Christmas and Hanukkah cheer for the 3D printer in you!

Three infill options to raise your Z (and holiday spirits) to the top layer!

  • 15% discount off a single spool:

o   For those of you who just need one color, or are new to GreenGate3D, please accept our gratitude for your past purchases. Thank you so much!!!


  • BOGO25% with free shipping: Buy one spool and get a second for 25% off.

o   For those of you who need a little more holiday magic, we offer our BOGO25% deal.  Perhaps you’re looking to make some holiday hearts or snowflakes in a couple of colors… and of course, shipping is FREE.


  • FiveFourTee (aka The Five Forty Deal): Buy 4 spools and get the 5th FREE.  And, for just $4.99, we’ll include a super soft GreenGate3D t-shirt!

o   We appreciate that you’ll recognize this deal is the same as our BOGO25% offer, but with a greater number of spools behind it.  So, to sweeten the deal, we’ll drop in our super soft GreenGate3D t-shirt in for only $4.99.


These holiday offers end December 27 at 11:59pm PST.


THANK YOU for your awesome support in 2020!  We know it was a trying year and we know you have other filament options.  Your consideration of sustainable, American-made products is vital to our success, and has allowed us to grow GreenGate3D from just 3 colors to over 20.


5 more colors are on the way, including Coffee, Aqua, and even a low-gloss, textured black, perfect for that injection molded look.  Also, there’s a real good chance we’ll be releasing a TPU 95a, of course from recycled plastics early in 2021!  We encourage you to click this link, transporting you to The Future Of GreenGate3D:  It’s a pretty cool VR experience you don’t need glasses for… but if you got ‘em, put ‘em on!!!

 All the best and stay safe,

-Your Friends At GreenGate3D

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