Newsletter August 2020

August 2020

Lots going on here at GreenGate3D! We’re closing in on our 2,000th spool sold… something we’re very proud of, since we started only in October 2019. Of recent, we’ve been on quite the uphill trajectory and we have YOU to thank! THANK YOU VERY MUCH for your continued support of our (almost not so) little company. We’re so proud that we’ve got hundreds of hobbyists buying our filament and dozens of small business too. Amazes me every day!!!

To our many customers who’ve written reviews, thank you. Giving us feedback makes us a better company. It helps us to know what we can do better and what we’re doing right. That doesn’t go for simply our reviews on our website. It can be thru Facebook messages, Twitter, Instagram, our YouTube channel (which we just started) and even Reddit. We’ve heard we need to work on our vacuum seal and believe me, we’re making every effort to find a way to keep the seal tight.

Speaking of reviews, we just ran a little contest to see

Well, we got a lot of responses… 30 in just 24 hours! Pretty freakin’ cool! So, with that, the winners are:

Heartiest congratulations to Luke Thompson, Matthew Mathosian, and Kurt. We hope you enjoy the filament and shirts!!! BTW, for those of you who didn’t know we’re selling t-shirts, well, yes we are… and at prices that we think make sense. With the purchase of just 3 spools, you can get a shirt for $4.99. With 2, we priced it at $7.99. Not a bad deal for a roomy and comfortable t… especially for the Dog Days of August. Available in M/L/XL/XXL

GreenGate3D SWAG

Stickers are on their way. Some of you, through the July Maker Box have gotten them, so sometime this weekend, we’ll set them up for purchase for the giant price of $0.25 Yep, a kwata! They’re 2” x 4”... featuring our interlocking G’s… one solid and one with infill. Fun for the whole family. (A side note: please don’t make a purchase of only the sticker… we still have to mail it, so that’s a true loss… we don’t mind selling it for next to nothing... but shipping it too… negative on that one, please…)

Something else new at GreenGate3D are two WILD colors! If you haven’t seen Purple Reign, you’ve missed a CRAZY cool color!!! This polychromatic filament yields shades of violet, blueberry, and raspberry. It is just drop dead wild! We did a tongue-in-cheek video which we hope will make you smile (just don’t tell The Mouse! I don’t want a visit from the Ghost of Walt… or worse!!!) We also are releasing Prime Time Lime. Originally called Gecko Green, The Boss (i.e, my wife, Barbara) said “that’s not Gecko Green… that’s Flourescent Lime… and in her next breath, exclaimed: “Prime Time Lime!!!” So it shall be written, so it shall be done! This thing is so bright, you won’t need a flashlight for your next power outage… so to speak…

We’ve bundled a few filaments together. Starting with the American Bundle (American Red, American White, and American Blue), we then added United We Stand (a Black and White bundle heavily discounted to show unity, because Divided We really do Fall), our two Signature Colors (GreenGate Green and Translucent Purple, our biggest seller) and one that came out of the Independence Day Bundle, the goofy Interplanetary Bundle featuring Ice Blue, Mars Red, and American White. Hmm, thinking we should’ve done Black to signify space. Oh well... What Bundles would YOU like to see??? We’ve got one more planned; just need to re-run a color to make the trio ready… but that’s all the insight I’m offering. We’d like to hear what YOU’D like bundled! Send us a note anyway you like, but if works best for you, go for it!

Something you might’ve noticed, at the bottom of our webpage, are dozens of logos. These are affectionately known to us as our colleagues page… effectively they’re the logos and live links to our customers’ (and in the case of HSM Specialties, suppliers’) internet presence. It could be a website, Instagram page, Twitter, Facebook, or YouTube link. Of course, recycling is important to us all, but made In America and supporting small business means the world, too so GreenGate3D offers at no charge a place for its customers to “advertise” their companies. We THANK YOU for your business and hope this spot on our page leads you the same growth you’ve offered us.

Coming soon, the GreenGate3D Gallery THIS ONE will be super cool!!!

THANK YOU AGAIN for your support. We’re absolutely loving this ride and we’ll catch up with you all soon!!!

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