PETG used for assisted walking device wheels

I secured a roll of GreenGate3D's clear during ERRF 2019! The product is fantastic! I have actually used it on a device for a special needs animal and everything stood up as expected. I am currently transitioning my other devices to PETG from PLA and hopefully when more colors are available on your end, I'll make a big purchase.

If you'd like to see your product in action check out these posts. You may also visit my website to learn more about my small business of helping animals around the world with 3D printing technology. Have a great day!!

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Jumpspeeder 9000 it is! We are so happy with the results so far! Thanks @thecatlvt for trusting us! 馃樆 #jumpspeeder9000 #adaptivetechnology #additivemanufacturing #3dprinting #specialneedscatsofinstagram . Reposted from @thecatlvt - @adaptivetechandconsulting stopped by this morning for a final fitting on Eggbert's Jumpspeeder 9000! We are extraordinarily happy how it supports his pelvis while engaging his abdominal muscle for him to exercise properly! Egg managed 10 minutes of hind leg exercise before getting tired and needing a nap. . We have another model that is being worked on as well and will keep you posted on the details as they finish up the prototype. #paresis #starwarsreference #jumpspeeder #mobility #wheels #chrisgriffeymemorialfelinefoundation #thecatlvt - #regrann

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