The Great Spool Return!!!

The Great Spool Return was a HUGE success!!!

Over 600 spools were recovered, including dozens of 3kg, 5kg and 10kg empties.  We LITERALLY had 2 GIANT boxes (called gaylords) sitting by our booth with folks from all over the USA and Canada coming by to drop off their empty spools.

As was the plan, the top donor would receive Edge of Tech Jim's heavily modded Ender3, while winners 2 thru 5 would receive an assortment of GreenGate3D spools and other SWAG.  Unfortunately in the craziness known as #MRRF2022,  we never got around to taking pictures with those winners.  However, Jim's team shot some cool video, as seen here  If you have 2 minutes and 53 seconds to spare, please check it out.

The official winners are:

Jariah Walker, with like a GAZILLION!  We stopped the count at 200 with him :-)  AMAZING job from Jariah and his friends at Hart Smart Products!  Just think about driving from Iowa with a TRUCKLOAD of empty spools.  Now THAT'S committment!!!

The always sharp Chris Riley came in 2nd with 81.  We love Chris because he's SUCH a legit guy... his videos come from his heart, not from his pocket.  When you watch Chris's Basement, you'll see he's a straight shooter.  We need more people like Chris in 3D printing... and the world in general.

Third place wasn't far behind 2nd, but he traveled MUCH farther, driving across our Northern border with an insane amount of spools, 72, all the way from Ottawa.  What an ENORMOUS effort by Jim Wilson, who's also a sky diver!  That's quite a diverse skill set you have there, sir!  Thank you, thank you, thank you for driving SO FAR with SO MANY spools!

Fourth and fifth were randomly selected.  Not everyone has 50+ spools in house, so we wanted everyone to have a chance to win something GreenGate3D related.  Philip Briski came in 4th and only brought 2, but his effort gave him excellent luck.  Please allow us to send him a little love for his company ZionTechnologies.  Our final winner, Steve Koehler, wasn't around when we did the random drawing, but we mailed him a spool.  Steve picked up a transition spool... so fun!  Steve brought 6, showing once again, you don't always need quantity to win... just effort.

Thank you ALL for participating.  We hope we were able to make a difference, finding a TRUE home for empty spools.  To date, 120 have been put back into production, with hundreds more awaiting cleaning and re-use.  There is NO doubt that by #ERRF2022, we'll have extruded onto the balance and will run this program again in Maryland.  Hope to see you there!!!

 All the best,

-The Team at GreenGate3D




 Original Blog:

Jim at The Edge of Tech and GreenGate3D are partnering at MRRF2022.

Please join us in our Spool Upcycling Program!

Bring your empty spools to MRRF2022 to win AWESOME prizes and GreenGate3D will re-use them in their filament production.  The person that brings the most empties wins Jim’s heavily modded Ender 3!  Four other prizes will be awarded, including Purple Reign filament, other GreenGate3D colors, t-shirts, stickers, and more!

Here are the easy conditions:


  • Must be in usable condition
  • Must be from the 3D industry (i.e., narrow spools for wire will not be accepted)
  • And must not have another manufacturer’s name or logo embossed into it. Competitors’ labels are ok; we’ll remove them.

That’s it!  So toss all your empties in your car and off-load them in the giant box at MRRF2022!

First Place: Jim’s Printer, a GreenGate3D Tshirt, a sticker, and a picture with Barbara

Second Place: A 1kg spool of Purple Reign, a GreenGate3D Tshirt, a sticker, and a picture with Barbara

Third Place: A 1kg spool of GreenGate Green, a GreenGate3D Tshirt, a sticker and a picture with… Richard LOL!

Fourth and Fifth Place: ALL entrants (short of the top 3 above) will be entered into a random drawing.  This way, if you’ve not brought a garbage bag full, you can still win.  We’ll select two more lucky winners, each to take home a spool of GreenGate3D filament and a GreenGate3D sticker.

We thank you, your garage thanks you, your significant other thanks you, and the environment thanks you!!!

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  • It was a pleasure meeting you both yesterday at MRRF! To refresh your memory, as I know you met potentially thousands of people over the weekend, I run a 3D printing group on Facebook, named 3DP Rescue! I approached you about representing your product in our group. I was beyond happy to have a second AMERICAN filament maker willing to come aboard! I am looking forward to a long relationship with GreenGate3D!

    I wish I had known about your need for empty spools before I headed up to the MRRF, I have at least 40 empties sitting unused. If it’s ok with you, I can post on my group about your need for empty spools and see if we can get a push going for you, just let us know where they need to be sent. With 2,500 plus members (and growing daily) I am sure many would be willing to donate empty spools to an AMERICAN filament company!

    Tom Beckendorf

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