"The Great Spool Return", Returns... to ERRF2022!!!!

Please join us in our Spool Upcycling Program!

You can win AWESOME prizes by Slice Engineering, Alien3D, 3DPrint Bunny, Wham Bam, and our Grand Prize, donated by Jim at The Edge Of Tech.

Simply bring your empty spools to the GreenGate3D ERRF2022 booth (#20) and we will re-use them in our filament production, keeping them out of the landfill and back on printers WHERE THEY BELONG! :-)  The person or team that brings the most empties wins Jim’s Brand New Ender 3, V2 Neo!  Four other prizes will be awarded, from Slice Engineering, Alien3D, 3DPrint Bunny, Wham Bam and us!

Here are the easy conditions:


  • Must be in usable condition
  • Must be from the 3D industry (i.e., narrow spools for wire will not be accepted)
  • And must not have another manufacturer’s name or logo embossed into it. Competitors’ labels are ok; we’ll remove them.

That’s it!  So toss all your empties in your car and off-load them in the giant box at ERRF2022!

We thank you, your garage thanks you, your significant other thanks you, and the environment thanks you!!!

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