♻️ Winter 2021 Newsletter


After MRRF2021, GreenGate3D was introduced to Thangs.com by the incomparable Jim Edgeworth from The Edge of Tech, and after speaking with those good folks, we knew wed be able to put some “Thangs” together, in short order.

Sure enough, with Lulzbot donating a fantastic Sidekick747 and Zack Freedman judging the winners, we knew this would be ex-Zack-ly the contest for us!

So without further ado, heres the link to the contestthe link to the video, and the list of winners below!  We hope youll enjoy it as much as we did!  Zacks brilliance in turning a phrase, his fun loving nature, and his deep-rooted love for makers and their good work is self-evident in this video.  Its really a must-watch (pun unintended but enjoyably spot-on for Mr. Brassers 2nd place finish).  Thank you again Thangs, Lulzbot, and Zack.

Grand Prize -  5kg of GreenGate3D filament: DaveMakesStuff and his Wearable Spine https://thangs.com/DaveMakesStuff/Wearable-Spine-27874 

2nd Place: 4kg of GreenGate3D filament: David Brasser from Arrow_Raider and his Wrist Pi https://thangs.com/Arrow_Raider/Arrows-Wrist-Pi-HalloWearables-32798 

3rd Place: 3kg of GreenGate3D filament: James Jolley and his Cyber Witcher Jacket - Oshikuru https://thangs.com/Oshikuru/Hallowearables-CyberWitcher-Jacket-33105 

Harper College’s IDEAShop Makerspace and Entrepreneur Center has turned itself into a high-tech Santa’s workshop. Jeff Moy, who manages the space, is leading the drive to use 3D printers to make toys for area children as part of 3D Printed Toys for Tots 2021.  Creating a program called Saving Our Planet From Plastic Waste, the Harper College IDEAShop is printing toys with GreenGate3D filament and recycled pellets. We are proud to have heavily discounted our filament and pellets for this noble cause! Cheers to you and your team, Jeff! https://www.harpercollege.edu/about/news/archives/2021/posts/111721.php
 #ZeroWaste #GoGreen 

Black Magic Friday Gift Card: The Wizardry continues! We’re extending our 10% discount off  GIFTCARDS thru 12/12/21After that, it’ll disappear… forever… well, until next year :-)

GreenGate3D celebrates our two newest distributors: 3D Printer Filaments and Project 3D Printers. Thank you for having the confidence to spread the GreenGate Goodness both far and wide!  We encourage you, our loyal consumers, to purchase our filament through 3D Printer FilamentsProject 3D Printers or our other fine distributors.

If you’re a makerspace, small business, educational institution, government representative, manufacturer, or hobbyist, and would like more information about GreenGate3D, please email richard@greengate3d.com or contact any of our distribution channels.  You also might want to click thru the logos in the “OUR COLLEAGUES” section of GreenGate3D.com.  There you will find live links to our many customers and friends in the 3D printing industry.  We TRULY appreciate their patronage and we know you will too.  These are folks who have real world experience with our filament.

GreenGate3D goes FIRST

Every filament company’s objective is to sell filament.  Of that, there is no doubt.  Beyond the basic need to survive, however, is a corporate responsibility to give back - to donate to a worthy organization - one whose values are inline with their own.  For GreenGate3D, that’s one which recognizes the need to inspire young minds to move forth into STEM, engaging them in programs of team building, guided by the principals of science, and led by diverse and inclusive adults.

For the 2021-2022 FIRST Robotics Competition season, we are proud you will be able to find GreenGate3D products available in the FIRST Choice listing on AndyMark Inc Kit Of Parts for all registered teams in the upcoming 2022 game “Rapid React”, sponsored by Boeing.  GreenGate3D has been long interested in partnering with STEM programs and educational opportunities, and now with this partnership as a vendor with FIRST, this vision is becoming reality.  We believe in this organization and have donated 100 1-Kg spools

Two color choices are available in FIRST Choice selection, our Translucent Purple and Translucent Yellow.  Teams will be able to prototype their new designs quickly this season using this material, and due to PETG's structural advantages over PLA, printed parts are game ready.  Teams will be able to find other matching colors for their robot and merchandise needs on our website.  With all our materials sourced in the USA, you know that we’ll always have inventory and that we hold our product to the highest standards.

Photos: Brian Malin

STEM Teacher, FIRST Robotics Coach, Technology SPOC

Envirobots Team FRC 7272 & FTC 14734

High School for Environmental Studies

Pictured here is some of the tech from one of Johnson College’s newest programs Mechatronics Technology. This program prepares students for entry-level work in the multidisciplinary field of Mechatronics, which includes sustainable design, advanced materials, computer and communications equipment manufacturing, and digital manufacturing technology.

As part of the program, students will learn the theoretical principles and measured values required to troubleshoot electrical, electronic, and mechanical systems. The program also teaches the “soft” skills students will need in customer service, supervisory, and professional communications to help them excel in their future roles as Mechatronic technicians.

GreenGate3D has been involved in helping to guide the new program to reach its goals in sustainability. The program utilizes pellets and filament supplied by GreenGate3D to meet the goal of having a large percentage of material used come from recycled sources. Additive manufacturing is a cornerstone of digital manufacturing and this program is built with that in mind.

If you have any questions about the new program please contact the program director Cole Goldstein at cgoldstein@johnson.edu.

Speaking of the educational system, the GreenGate3D family welcomes:

Many thanks also go out to Dr. Mark Ganter at the University of Washington, Mechanical Engineering Department, who along with other makers, has been Beta-testing our STILL in progress (sigh) flexible TPU, of course, made from recycled plastics. Folks, it ain't easy making filament from scrap plastics…

Makers for Change (M4C), co-founded by Karina Popovich and Jonathan Gao, is a student-run organization with missions to increase equitable access to advanced technologies, to support community engagement in Makerspaces, and to inspire Makers to become future change-makers. In the last six months, students from New York to California, and everywhere in between, have learned how to fabricate and donate prosthetics for disabled animals, stationery items for schools, and custom toys for children's organizations. GreenGate3D has supported these efforts; many toys, such as olive elephantsice blue robots, and translucent yellow octopi, have been printed in dozens of batches!  To learn more about what M4C has already accomplished throughout 2020-2021, please view their annual report, and see how you can get involved with M4C.

Jurassic Amber is DONE and quite frankly, its spectacular.  After multiple attempts to get it right, in exasperation, we just tossed in a handful (well a measured handful) of Billie Ruben’s Cherry Pie colorant (doesn’t she make EVERYTHING better anyway???) and VOILA… Jurassic Amber was born! You’ll get the same translucency as you’d expect from a GreenGate3D filament,  but with a gemstone-like, golden-toned hue, you’d be thrilled to print with.

Speaking of gemstones, please allow us a shout-out to Dr. Nicole Gayney, head of College For Creative Studies Additive Manufacturing Department, who messaged us about doing a line of those colors.  So without further adieu, we introduce: Berry Delightful.  If you took Ice Blue, but slid the color spectrum towards raspberry-plum, you’ll get Berry Delightful.  Everytime we see it, we want to take a bite out of it.  Its THAT juicy!  Grab a spool while it lasts…

As we approach color #30, we’re tipping our hat to a collaboration we’re very proud of!  Dany Sanchez, the owner of MiniWorld3D and GreenGate3D have been talking for over a year now.  Dany and his team designed one of the first prints we’ve ever seen, and one we specifically ran to test the quality of our filament, the STUNNINGLY GENIUS Notre Dame. When we were finally able to track him down, he told us he’s always wanted his own color.  It took Rich about zero seconds to say “YES, let’s do it!

Harkening back - our loyal readers - to our last newsletter, where we referenced this budding relationship and wrote “(we) can assure you, this filament will be Mahhhhhbleous… and dare we say “rock solid”… ”  So today, we present MiniWorld3D Marble 

Not only are we releasing MiniWorld3D Marble, but Dany has generously donated his Arc de Triumphe STL for GreenGate3D customers.  So, not only do you get a FANTASTIC Marble filament, but you also get an unbelievably detailed, PETG ready file, of one of the world’s most beautiful and photographed monuments!  Dany, thank you!!!

A reminder to our corporate and educational customers: if you’re interested in a custom color, please email customerservice@greengate3d.com We’ll make it work for you.

Free Stuff To Be Had: A reminder to you all for our 250th Lottery Give Away!

A SINCERE thank you for your wonderful and honest reviews.  We’re proud to say we’ve not culled a single one!!!  What you see is what we got.

Free Stuff we say? Yes, indeed! When we receive our 250th review, we’ll be giving away spools and shirts! The winners will be drawn by Jim on the EdgeOfTech live using his Random Wheel.

We’ll send everyone the link and post it to social media, so you can tune in!

Hope you enjoyed the Winter Newsletter. Happy holidays.



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