Summer 2023 Newsletter

So we had a GOOD time at MRRF2023! I mean, how could you not? THANK YOU Goshen and THANK YOU to all our customers!  We had a record weekend, too! Yep, actually sold EVERY SPOOL we brought! This picture was at 8am on Day 2. You can see one vase (Sunshine) is already turned upside down... that means SOLD OUT!


Maker Spotlight Update!!!

Chris Faye, an intellectual property attorney from California, is a long-time customer of GreenGate3D. We wanted you to see the video of his 50 lb tessellated geodesic sphere!

Months of printer modifications and tuning, as well as prototyping and engineering went into this labor of love, and the outcome is outstanding

Chris used E3D’s Volcano hotend and an 0.8 inch nozzle to move GreenGate3D’s American White PETG, thru multiple Ender 3’s.

192 pieces, each weighing approximately 100 grams, were individually printed in vase mode and then held together with printed dovetails.  A total of 12 panels were created, for this INCREDIBLE 6' gorgeous polyhedron! Impressively, each piece is lit by an RGB LED panel.  You GOTTA check out this video!!!

Chris will be displaying his work of genius at Burning Man 2023!

Thank you for choosing our materials for your spectacular sculpture!



Transition Spool Sale!!!

Buy 2 transition spools (already discounted) and get a 50% discount off Purple Reign transition! #LetsGo! <p></p>

What about RMRRF2023, you ask? Well Loveland, CO was very good to GreenGate3D. Makes sense, it WAS Earth Day, after all. Again, we sold a lot of filament, but upcycled nearly 600 spools, bringing our total to 2,000! Who else is crazy enough to REUSE empty spools? Keep them out of the landfill??? No one! When you buy from us, you'll often see a sticker where we sourced that empty spool. Keep on the look out and please support our efforts. #GoGreen #ZeroWaste #MadeInUSA


GreenGate3D goes FIRST, a 'second' time!

We take our corporate responsibilities seriously, so for the 2022 season, we once again, aligned ourselves with FIRST Robotics. This time, we offered a significant discount on ALL our PETG materials.

Pictured are the Envirobots Team FRC 7272 & FTC 14734 coached by Brian Malin, STEM Teacher, at the High School for Environmental Studies




Are you ready to restock? No coupon needed!

Please use your school email address. We use to verify who is eligible. This also goes for students and first responders, like police, fire, military, and nurses! #GiveBack #THANKYOU

Feel free to forward this blog. We'd love new STEM customers!


Yeah, so we're in love with our own video... so what? :-)

We think you'll like it too! It's pretty sick! 30 seconds of 3D printed rocketry, by Dustin Lobner, who designed and printed it in GreenGate3D filament.  <p></p>


Your Royal Highness is a deep Royal Blue with just a touch of translucency. If you're a sports fan, think New York Mets colors.

Eggshell... now THAT'S a Show Stopper! We worked S U P E R hard to get this bad boy right. If you're reading this Newsletter, you know how tough it is to get PETG in a matte finish. THIS is a matte finish! It looks like Plaster of Paris, but prints smoooooth! Next formulation, Black Matte!

Amethyst was released for MRRF2022. You'll get a wonderful purple translucent; just one color shy of our World Class Purple Reign. As of this writing there's only 20 left. Then, its gone!

Now, this one's not a new color, but an entire new RESIN! We've brought in an enormous amount of virgin PETG. It was rescued from a factory that was closing out their stock and WOW is this a winner! Its glass-clear (see below) and can print as high as 290C! Yes, you read that right! We still like 275C, but crank away! Its available in 8 colors and if you want more, we'll make more!!!



Can we get a GreenGate3D Review? We know sometimes you want to leave one on the website, but just don't have the time. If you click below, it'll post to our brand new Google page and help us gain GREAT new clients, just like you! #MuchAppreciated  <p> Thank You For Your Review</p>


ERRF2023 is coming soon! We'll be Sponsoring and YES upcycling MORE spools!!! Bring whatcha got... you might just win Chris Riley's Voron Switchwire!!! (See picture below)

Hope to see you there: September 30 thru October 1


Coney Island Maker Faire: October 6-8

We'll be a Sponsor and they expect over 18,000 people.

You MUST be kidding me...

 <p> To learn more about the Coney Island Maker Faire, click here</p>

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