3D Modeling

GreenGate3D loves creative and ground-breaking 3D artistry!  We're lucky enough to have connected with some seriously talented individuals, who share our common goals: sustainability and functionality.

Wouldn't it be nice to print a mini version of yourself or your loved ones?

We know 3D scanners are expensive and really not all that great anyway.  Learning to model for 3D printing takes months of steady practice, if you're looking for an awesome gift for your family or business, we're your one stop shop.  Here's New York Yankees great Lou Gehrig taken from photo to rendering:


Much more coming soon... just wanted to give you a brief taste of what GreenGate3D's artists can do.

Lou Gehrig bust by greengate3d on Sketchfab

In GreenGate3D we have a powerful team of artists that can create amazing design for 3D printing, from useful tools and gadgets to very detailed models of any kind. One our favorites is the Baby 3D model that we made based on sonogram 2D Images. For this project we needed reference images, luckily a friend of us is going to have a grand daughter really soon so he could provide us with the material:

Baby sonogram reference

It is important to mention that the more reference images you have in different angles, the better results you will get. With these two images we are going to create an approximation of how the baby is going to look like, for that we are going to use the open source software Blender and the add-on Face Builder by keentools.io. We import the images in the program and with help of the Face-Builder add-on, we tell the computer where the face features are at:

Then we get a face mesh that looks something not very good looking:

Then we get a face mesh that looks something not very good looking: Then we edit the mesh and take a creative license to make it look more appealing and we end with something similar to this:

With this done, now we use our Amazing Recycled PET-G and our Prusa 3D printer and bring this model to real life: