FIRST Robotics Competition

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GreenGate3D goes FIRST

Every filament company’s objective is to sell filament.  Of that, there is no doubt.  Beyond the basic need to survive, however, is a corporate responsibility to give back - to donate to a worthy organization - one whose values are inline with their own.  For GreenGate3D, that’s one which recognizes the need to inspire young minds to move forth into STEM, engaging them in programs of team building, guided by the principals of science, and led by diverse and inclusive adults.

For the 2021-2022 FIRST Robotics Competition season, we are proud you will be able to find GreenGate3D products available in the FIRST Choice listing on AndyMark Inc Kit Of Parts for all registered teams in the upcoming 2022 game “Rapid React”, sponsored by Boeing. GreenGate3D has been long interested in partnering with STEM programs and educational opportunities, and now with this partnership as a vendor with FIRST, this vision is becoming reality.  We believe in this organization and have donated 100 1-Kg spools.

Two color choices are available in FIRST Choice selection, our Translucent Purple and Translucent Yellow.  Teams will be able to prototype their new designs quickly this season using this material, and due to PETG's structural advantages over PLA, printed parts are game ready.  Teams will be able to find other matching colors for their robot and merchandise needs on our website.  With all our materials sourced in the USA, you know that we’ll always have inventory and that we hold our product to the highest standards.

We know how hard it is to fund raise and recognize the need to spend smartly.  You're competing against teams that are larger, with bigger bankrolls, and probably even more experience.  Yes, you can get your filament most anywhere, but your decision to spend your FIRST credits on GreenGate3D filament is a wise one.  We manufacture HERE in the USA, so you're supporting small business, and we ONLY use recycled plastics to make it, so you're reducing your own environmental footprint!

GreenGate3D is strong, durable, flexible, and offers UV resistance.  We have customers that use it for animal prosthetics, tractor trailer manufacturing, rock climbing gear, drones, pet products, architectural modeling... so many uses... and of course, prototyping and robotics competition.

If you've used PETG filament before, you know its GOTTA be kept dry.  Of course, keeping it in a sealed box with a desiccant is a good start, but TRUE aficionados know to dehydrate it before using.  There's no need to buy a fancy filament dryer and no reason (EVER) to use your kitchen oven.  If you don't already have one, pick up a food dehydrator in a local Big Box store or you can surely find one online or even a yard sale.  Make sure it has a variable temperature setting which can reach 140°F (60°C).  Toss 'er in for 5 hours and you're set.  You won't need to dry GreenGate3D filament upon first use, but if left out for a few days, its always best to re-dry it before using it again.

Printing "best practices": GreenGate3D is very forgiving and will print in a wide range of nozzle temperatures, even as low as PLA (205°C), making our filament pretty remarkable!  We recommend you start at 230°C, but if you want to run a test, start at 200°C!  We've got PLENTY of customers who love it at 205°C.  Bed temperatures of 60°C is ok, but we like 85°C and then go to 90°C after the first layer or two is down.  You should not need to make any adjustments from your previous PETG filament; just fire away using those settings.  Its easy-peasy!

One last thing, before you go, we'd love to have you watch the below video.  This model was designed and printed in Wisconsin, by Dustin Lobner, using the same GreenGate3D PETG filament you got!  One day YOU will do something just like this!

Enjoy the ride and THANK YOU for using GreenGate3D filament!  We are SO PROUD to support you and