GreenGate Gallery

GreenGate3D is proud to partner with many of the finest 3D artists and modelers you’ve heard of… and perhaps some you might not have.

Their capabilities are fantastic; several do beautiful abstract art, but rooted in mathematics, and have the ability to print on more than just a metal or glass bed. Others have engineering backgrounds, blending biology with technology, creating biomimicry. You’ll also meet a digital sculpture, who’s creates finely tuned, life-like portraits on the electronic canvas, and designers who brings science fiction to life.

In order to bring you their magic - at no additional cost - we’re bundling their artistry with our filament. Simply click the picture below and you’ll get the artists STL model for free. Thank you for helping us make sure the world knows who these talented people are.

Rich Silberfeld

President, GreenGate3D


Sid Naique

I am Sid and I am from Goa, India. I am a self taught digital sculptor and I specialise in realistic portraits. I don't have traditional training in sculpting and no experience with clay and it used to bother me that my work can not be enjoyed outside the computer screen. 3d Printing changed that and has been my main motivation ever since. My work cannot be complete without 3d printing.


David Shorey

David Shorey is a designer from various disciplines. David discovered his affinity for creativity both on paper and in front of his computer. His involvement in the early stages of digital effects led to a career in visual effects featured in various feature films. Then, with a sense of how 3D designs fit into the physical world, David started designing machines to offer solutions to industrial problems. He realized his skill set gave him the tools to fill another need: his own desires to design and create fashion. Never dexterous enough to create clothing in a traditional sense, David now uses his digital repertoire to circumvent his physical limitations, while at the same time, bring about a new paradigm in fashion design. Tradition evolves as the designer gains new tools. New tools brings about new paradigms and redefines tradition. The advent of 3D printing has allowed people to realize their ideas into the material world. The fusion of 3D printing and fashion demolish design limitations of the past.



There's a lot to say about this artist, so we thought it best to simply point you to his website:



My name is Chis Bobo and I am currently employed as an electronics sales associate at Walmart. I am currently studying in the field of Biomedical Engineering and Music at the University of Central Oklahoma. I am very passionate about creating art and other projects through the power of 3d printing.



Legendary Vase Designer, Riskable: My first experience with 3D modeling was fooling around with Blender in November of 2016. I received my first 3D printer (Original Prusa i3 MK2) at the end of January 2017 and I haven't stopped designing and printing! I'm an open source software developer, information security engineer, toymaker, and 3D printing hobbyist, using Blender and OpenSCAD for my design work.


Cole Goldstein

Cole Goldstein is a furniture designer specializing in lighting design and mixes traditional craft with modern technology, such as 3D printers, CNCs, and lasers. He has been working with additive manufacturing for approximately nine years and computer aided-design for eighteen years. He is now the Director of Advanced Manufacturing Technologies at Johnson College in Scranton, Pennsylvania, while additionally running a small bespoke furniture design company. He is very active in the local arts community; working with the arts council, and is always searching for how he can aide local non-profit organizations.


Ransom Makes

A product of the 60's, Jeffrey aka Ransom Makes, developed a passion for art and design early in his life, building custom models from store bought kits before Kit Bashing was a thing. Sculpting and casting his own halloween masks to scare the family, and making the oven unusable. Now in the later stages, Ransom has set his sights on Prop Building for Film And Television, taking years of knowledge in designing, modeling, paint and finishing techniques and applying that to the modern manufacturing method known as 3D Printing to create screen ready and accurate props. His latest build, the Dark Lightsaber from Star: Wars The Rise of Skywalker, is no exception, every detail was researched and modeled to be as accurate as possible to the screen used saber and finished to match


David Zapata

We believe in a sustainable world, where manufacturing processes are democratized due to the power of 3D Printing opening a new era of better materials, better designs and a better integration of the community in the process of making a better world. I am a soft robotics engineer, with a love of flexible materials, emphasizing 3D printing, aiming to push humanity forward.