PLA for Educational Institutions, Libraries, Museums, and FIRST Robotics

Greetings Students, Educators, Library personnel, Museum staff and FIRST Robotics teams!

This page was especially created for you!


Every filament company’s objective is to sell filament.  However, beyond survival mode, is a corporate responsibility to give back - to discount to a worthy organization - one whose values are inline with their own.  For GreenGate3D, that’s one which recognizes the need to inspire young minds to move forth into STEM, engaging them in programs of team building, guided by the principals of science, and led by diverse and inclusive adults.

GreenGate3D has been long interested in partnering with STEM programs and educational opportunities, and now this vision is becoming reality.

Today, we're offering our line of PLA, ONLY made in the USA and ONLY for educational institutions (K-Advanced), libraries, museums and FIRST Robotics.

THANK YOU for using GreenGate3D filament!  We are SO PROUD to support you and your STEM efforts!