Coffee: Recycled PET-G
Coffee: Recycled PET-G
Coffee: Recycled PET-G

Coffee: Recycled PET-G

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100% Recycled PET-G!

Sounds kinda gross, but THIS COFFEE'S been PERCOLATING for over a year!  We weren't releasing it until it was right!  The perfect taste for every day printing but designed in mind for military and prosthetic uses.
Coffee's on our BRAND NEW, FULLY-COMPOSTABLE paper spools!  Come get your Cup'A Joe!
Made In America: Resin and Extrusion... even the spools are American-made!!!

  • 1.75 mm +/- .05 mm
  • 2.2 net pounds (a full 1 Kg net)
  • Print Temperature: 205°C - 250°C
  • Bed Temperature: 80°C
  • FULLY Recycled
  • Environmentally Conscious
  • Odorless
  • Generous Flexibility
  • Unmatched Layer Adhesion
  • NEVER Subject to Tariffs, because it's made HERE in America!

GreenGate3D: Recycling The World's Plastics, One Filament At A Time.

View MSDS here

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Matthew Holliday
Great Filament

This prints great on my Prusa and Bambu printers. I find that it even prints better than Bambulab PETG on my P1S.

Athena Gibbons
Strong filament

Used it for printing harp stand brackets. Holds up well.

Eric Lamoray
Wonderful material!

We recently started using this as an alternative color choice for the recipients of our printed prosthetics. It prints amazingly well, so smooth! Prints like butter for us at 245C. Fantastic material, very happy with it!

Jamila Zvonkovic
Works really well

I used it to make some of my accessory pieces (charms, purse chains, etc). It was really easy to print and had a nice shiny finish.

Excellent Printing low to no odor

I can agree with the other reviewer on this brown working with default Prusa settings for Prusa PETG. I don’t have any pictures yet as my print is still 1/2 way through but working perfectly at 4hrs into the print. The model I am printing has not shown issues in the last portion in the past, I’d be shocked if something went wrong now. The cardboard spool fits inside the Prusa enclosure on the standard spool arm. I am also glad to report no smell, though I had hoped for a little coffee scent if I’m honest. My wife thinks it looks like I’m printing with milk chocolate, tempered chocolate at that as it’s got that PETG shine. Great stuff, really happy to find recycled filament to work with and will be ordering more in the future.