Transition Spools: Recycled PET-G
Transition Spools: Recycled PET-G
Transition Spools: Recycled PET-G
Transition Spools: Recycled PET-G

Transition Spools: Recycled PET-G

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If you need a 3kg spool, please send us an email to

100% Recycled PET-G!

Made In America: Resin and Extrusion!!! 

  • 1.75 mm +/- .05 mm
  • 2.2 net pounds (a full 1 Kg net)
  • Print Temperature: 205°C - 250°C
  • Bed Temperature: 80°C
  • FULLY Recycled
  • Environmentally Conscious
  • Odorless
  • Generous Flexibility
  • Unmatched Layer Adhesion
  • NEVER Subject to Tariffs, because it's made HERE in America!

GreenGate3D: Recycling The World's Plastics, One Filament At A Time.

 These are TRANSITION ROLLS and can look like any/every color we make.  SOME ARE SUPER COOL... we were transitioning ICE BLUE to TRANSLUCENT YELLOW AND GOT THIS AWESOME CLEAR MINT COLOR... but some are just one color from the transition between two color runs. They also could be colors that we trialed, but didn't quite make the exact look we wanted, so you might see a metallic raspberry in there or something as basic as an off-white. So, if you like Secret Santa, Pot Luck, or Grab Bag, these are the spools for you!!!  

View MSDS here

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

No issues, prints great! Not to mention it’s a surprise when you open the box

David Morrison
Filament prints great (Prusa MK3S, Prusament PET-G default profile)

Transition translucent purple to ??? (we'll see). This filament (as all GG3D MakerBox samples and spools I've bought of GreenGate3D filament) prints great, very consistent, no issues. Easing my trip into PET-G, thanks.

Prints very easy

This is my first time not using PLA/PLA+ and I didn't have to alter my settings very much at all to get results that were typical for me. I use CHEP's latest CURA settings on my cr10m. 220-225c at the nozzle, 85c at the bed, 40-50 reduction in fan speed, and a slight bump down on print speed. The only negatives I have right now are occasional wisps of stringing. Perhaps some time in the oven will help. But that are so light right now, I am not going to bother. With few exceptions, this is going to be my general use filament from now on.

Excellent filament

I've purchased several rolls of PETG over the last several weeks and all of them have printed without any issues. Highly recommended!

First Roll of PETG

The roll I got was a beautiful orange. It prints so beautifully and was not difficult to fine tune. The best part, it's recycled and not much more than a cheap PLA!